This is it: the blog. The long-overdue (to me), long-awaited (by me), long procrastinated (by me) blog. My need and love for a blog is not new, but rather has been put on hold since the great Xanga exodus of 2006-2007.

Ah, but for the Xanga days. That’s the blogosphere I really liked: a close group of friends and acquaintances (hereafter referred to as F’n A’s) that read and commented on each other’s blogs. Most of their blogs focused on personal lives, but that’s a lot more interesting to read about when you know the people. You might even get mentioned!

Then Myspace happened.

All my F’n A’s decided they wanted to go to this OTHER place where it wasn’t about blogging, but about… well, I never figured that out. Music? The only blogging that can happen is a pansy feature called Bulletins, but it wasn’t nearly what I’d become accustomed to. I started an account myself, but deleted it after only a few months of use.

Then all those F’n A’s decided, after barely two years of use, that they’d found this thing that was even better: Facebook! Just as they’d abandoned me on Xanga, they abandoned all the teenyboppers too young for Facebook on Myspace.

But the joke was on them, because unlike Myspace, everybody really does use Facebook – including their parents! Ha! Take that, you F’n A’s who abandoned me! Now your mom gets to see your every emo status update and then call you frantically asking why you’d never talked to her about your gambling addiction!

Privacy violations aside, I actually grew to like Facebook. It featured a way to connect and share with more people than I’d ever dreamed of on Xanga, and allowed me to keep open channels with people I didn’t get to see as much as I’d like.

However, it did leave a hole.
A big,
blog-sized hole.

Now filled.