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I made a great discovery today! One of the most annoying things I encounter while biking is getting to a red light, but the weight sensor doesn’t detect me because I’m too light, and I have to wait for a car to come to the intersection for it to change.

This is most annoying when there is little or no traffic on the intersecting road. However, I was looking at a little pamphlet of bicycle laws in Missouri when I came across this gem. I’ll summarize in case you don’t want to read it: If you’re riding a bike or motorcycle and come to a complete stop at a red light, you can cross if A- you’ve waited for an undue amount of time, B- the weight/laser sensor has obviously not detected your presence, and C- no cars are coming or are nearby. Here’s the full text:

304.285 Red light violations
Any person operating a motorcycle or bicycle who violates the provisions of section 304.281 or section
304.301 by entering or crossing an intersection controlled by a traffic control signal against a red light shall
have an affirmative defense to that charge if the person establishes all of the following conditions:
(1) The motorcycle or bicycle has been brought to a complete stop;
(2) The traffic control signal continues to show a red light for an unreasonable time;
(3) The traffic control is apparently malfunctioning or, if programmed or engineered to change to a green light
only after detecting the approach of a motor vehicle, the signal has apparently failed to detect the arrival of the
motorcycle; and
(4) No motor vehicle or person is approaching on the street or highway to be crossed or entered or is so far
away from the intersection that it does not constitute an immediate hazard.
The affirmative defense of this section applies only to a violation for entering or crossing an intersection
controlled by a traffic control signal against a red light and does not provide a defense to any other civil or
criminal action.

All this time I thought I was going all Martin Luther King Jr.-style civil disobedience, but now I realize that I was doing what I was supposed to! Good job, Missouri legislature!


TV Hunting Season: Part 1

It’s that time of year again. The rednecks get out their .22 hunting rifles to hunt for deer (okay, they actually don’t start until late October or early November) while I get out my semi-automatic 1.2″ television remote to hunt for TV shows.

I did a bad job of keeping up with the new shows last year, but this year, I’m going all-out with at least 12 pilots on my to-do list. While I don’t have a cable or satellite subscription to fill out my fall repertoire, there are a number of network TV shows I’m excited for, and they start THIS WEEK! I’ll cover the first six now, and the rest closer to when they premiere.

In order of premieres date, here are the pilots I’ll be watching this fall.


What it’s about
A woman has the ability to remember virtually every second of her life – except the day her sister was murdered. She’s recruited by her ex-boyfriend into the NYPD homicide unit to help solve crimes, and perhaps one day find out who murdered her sister.

Why I want to watch it
I don’t know if I’ll stick with it, but I’ll give the pilot a shot. It also looks like it might be something I could catch an episode of now and then without missing much. Oh yeah, and it has Michael Gaston from Jericho. That might not be that great of a reason, but when you’re in one of the greatest television shows ever created, you end up making some crazy fans… like me.

It premieres tomorrow, September 20th at 9pm Central.


What it’s about
A woman moves to the Hamptons bent on – you guessed it: REVENGE!

Why I want to watch it
This doesn’t look like it’ll be my thing, but man, have you seen how peeved this girl looks? I want to watch it for the same reason people watch horror movies: to be afraid. The difference is that this time, the hot blond girl is the one who wants to kill everyone.

It premieres Wednesday, September 20th at 9pm Central.

Person of Interest

What it’s about
After 9/11, a brilliant software engineer is hired to make a system which can use the huge amounts of surveillance data from cameras, phone calls, emails, etc. to predict who will be involved in violent crimes or even downright terrorism. He is joined by an ex-CIA agent who is presumed dead (not sure why, but I assume we’ll find out) to find the people before they’re too late.

Why I want to watch it
NOW we’re talking. Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams, both of whom turn everything they touch to gold (The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Memento, Star Trek, Lost, and Fringe to name a few) are executive producers. Michael Emerson,who played Ben Linus, the character everybody loved to hate on Lost, will star as the aforementioned the software engineer. Such a meeting of greatness does not even have the ability to be bad. Oh yeah, and this little tidbit:

“According to CBS, Person of Interest received the highest test ratings of any drama pilot in 15 years.”

Holy crap.

It premieres Thursday, September 22nd at 8pm Central.

A Gifted Man

What it’s about
A successful doctor starts receiving visits from his deceased ex-wife. While he normally treats wealthy patients at his up-scale clinic, his ex-wife urges him to start working at a free clinic she operated while she was alive. His sister, who’s more comfortable with the supernatural, approves of the situation.

Why I want to watch it
It’s that vague, “little bit of sci-fi/fantasy” that draws me in. The actors look like they can put forth an engaging performance, and I’m a sucker for redemption stories. I only have two concerns. First, can this can go several seasons? I probably ask because I tend to watch shows like Person of Interest, where the mystery is readily apparent. I’ll certainly give it an episode or two to give me reason to believe. Second, where’s the conflict? His wife wants him to help with this free clinic, but what about once he gets past that? His sister is completely on board with this for crying out loud! Someone’s gotta tug him the other way!

Premieres Friday, September 23rd at 7pm Central.

Pan Am

What it’s about
The show follows the lives of three pilots and three flight attendants working for Pan Am Airlines during the 1960s.

Why I want to watch it
I admit: I only want to watch it because it appears to take cues from Mad Men, which is just oh-so-good. Unlike Mad Men, however, I don’t have to have cable/satellite or catch up on four seasons to get to the current episode.

Premieres Sunday, September 25th at 9pm.

Terra Nova

What it’s about
100 years from now, the Earth is overcrowded, polluted, and stripped of its resources. Several “pilgrimages” of people are sent back 85 million years to restart human civilization, and by golly, do it right this time! Once they get there, however, they have to deal with dinosaurs, less technology than they’re used to, and a splinter colony that separated from the main group.

Why I want to watch it
Just watch the preview. Hollywood-grade visual effects? Dinosaurs? Steven Spielberg involved? Triple check. Oh, and the fact that it’s already been greenlit for a full season? I’m more excited about this than any other show this fall. Catches? Besides the obvious science problem (if you send one team back, it will change history, so how can you keep sending more back if the future is prevented?), I don’t see anything to ward me off yet. I applaud Fox for doing something really risky and probably expensive.

It premieres Monday, September 26th at 7pm (2-hour premiere).