Sometimes, I’m rather surprised by how far bad people will go to profit from bad things.

As you may have heard, the owner of, a “dating site” for philanderers, has offered $1 million for any woman who sleeps with Tim Tebow and offers up proof.

Go ahead, think it over.

So you’ve come to the conclusion everyone else has, right? The guy wants more business for his website, and he’s trying to get it by bringing down a cultural symbol of waiting for marriage.

Here’s the worst part: he’s already won. No, Tebow hasn’t abandoned his morals. And sure, there are probably a number of women who are ready to do just about anything for the money. He’s won because everyone is talking about it. In the (likely) event that no one ever seduces Tim Tebow to do the dirty deed, still got a whole bunch of free publicity from the whole ordeal.

News is news, but we do have to realize that not every cry for attention has to be heeded.