Guess what: I’m making a movie! That should be no surprise, as that’s kind of a hobby of mine, but this specific one is something you’ll recognize: the famous Mario Bros.!

Technically, it isn’t a “film.” It’s a faux trailer which will likely last 2-3 minutes. Also, I’m making it backwards.

No no, the final product won’t be backward. The production process itself is going backward. I’m starting by doing a large chunk of the 3D modeling and animation, then will film and record sound for the live-action shots, then will decide what order it all goes in. Makes sense, right? Well, the largest reason for that is that it may be a while before I find the right person to play Mario. I have a Luigi, a Toad, and a Princess Peach lined up (Bowser is animated, as you might have guessed), but since Mario is 50-70% of the screen time, I want to make sure he’s the right guy.

Expect a blog post with pictures (and maybe even video sneak peaks) of the CGI stuff in the next few days! It’ll be work-in-progress photos (Goombas missing eyes, etc.), but hey, that’s part of the fun.