Hey, guys. It’s hot. It’s really dang hot. KY3’s Weather page puts my place of residence at 101 degrees Fahrenheit at the time of this writing. As such, I’ve decided to compile some pictures of Antarctica, which right now is in the dead of winter. While you probably don’t wish it was that cold, you can probably stand to imagine a happy medium between whatever it is there and the 101 degrees it is here.

(click the pictures to see their source)

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Aurora Borealis’s southern cousin, Aurora Australis, is visible almost all of the time during Antarctica’s winter (so… right now!). The red light you see is used because it doesn’t cause light pollution in that climate.

Lake Fryxell

Ice. Lots of ice. The lake there, which is normally water, is ice. It’s aaaaall ice.

Vostok Station

Vostok Station, where the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was measured: -128 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you applied my “happy medium” philosophy to that, it would still be -14 degrees (which happens to be the coldest temperature I have a memory of experiencing in temperate Missouri).


One of my college professors took this picture in Antarctica. Almost looks like a pile of the ice you get from the store in bags for a few dollars a pop.


Oh, and some penguins.