I’ve had an increase in page views since the first post about the Mario short film, especially after posting renders of the models I’d made so far. But I can’t just leave you with those initial models, right? I have to give you…


Agent Smith

No, that isn’t one. Just a reference to Agent Smith’s line in The Matrix Reloaded.

But this is one:


Thwomp now looks like something to be feared. This is a departure from what he looks like in the games, but I am going for a bit of gritty realism when possible.


My Earth image/animation now has clouds, an atmosphere, and appropriately acting specularity.


Much more fleshed out and textured. I need to bring in the cheeks and give him eyebrows so he looks more angry and less bewildered.

Dark Star

Dark Star, an antagonist from the Mario and Luigi series for Game Boy Advance.

I’ll have at least two more posts with more models, but one will contain titles and the other animated things (all the titles are animated, so technically they’ll both be animations).