I have a confession: I have a box. Well, HAD a box. I defeated my box today.

You might have a box. In fact, I’d surmise a great portion of the population has multiple boxes, and I’ve actually done myself a favor keeping it down to one (sort of).

Two apartments ago, I started throwing things into this box because I didn’t have anything better to do with them. They were things I didn’t really want to throw away, but didn’t have a place for. Shortly after creating this box, I moved. I nestled the box into a corner of my new apartment and there it sat for a year and a half, moved only for the occasional vaccuum.

I occasionally added to the box; after all, I kept aquiring things that needed putting somewhere, and I knew they’d be safe in that mosuleum of a box.

Then I got married, brought my box into this new shared space, and there it sat for another seven months.

Today, I ended the box.

Full Box

This is what the box looked like full. Nearly three years of “use” were about to be dismantled.

I separated everything into five piles:

  1. Useful or potentially useful things to be kept
  2. Things the box was originally created for: keepsakes. I want to keep them, but haven’t traditionally had a place for them.
  3. Movie props
  4. Trash
  5. Recycling

And all of a sudden, I had an empty box.

Empty Box

There are much better things one can do with a box, after all. For instance:

Cat Box

Just kidding. I broke it down and recycled it, too. I don’t need that box in my home anymore. IT HAD ITS TIME.

Here are some of the keepsakes I couldn’t get rid of, but have no use for.

Blood Pin

I got this pin when I’d officially donated two gallons of blood in my lifetime. Sometimes I need to be reminded of my achievements.

Dead Flash Drives

My four dead flash drives. These exclude the three I have lost and never found and the two I have that still function. Don’t worry, I don’t do this with my other pets.

OM Pins

More pins. These are from Odyssey of the Mind, a creative problem-solving competition. I got most of these when I competed in the world competition, so they’re from teams all around the world.

Band Pins

The granite-looking plaques are for being a senior… twice. Yep, I did the 5-year plan and made band a part of all of those years. The pins (MORE pins?!) are for being a section leader each of those years.

Now to get to the other, much newer boxes that have been lurking in our apartment…