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TV Hunting Again

I love me some television almost as much as I love placing somewhat-unacceptable pronouns in sentences. Last year, I wrote a preview of upcoming network TV shows that I thought looked intriguing and made wagers on how good I thought they’d be. In hindsight, I guessed some of them would be better than they were (Terra Nova), some were a much different kind of show than I had hoped (Person of Interest), and some, which I thought might “not be my thing,” ended up knocking my socks off and becoming my favorite new show (Revenge).

So here’s a list of shows I think are worth at least watching the pilot episode with my likely-wrong guess as to how much I’ll like them.

666 Park Avenue

What: A creepy apartment owner played by Terry O’Quinn hires a young couple as the apartment managers. The building has supernatural occurances in a very Stephen King kind of way.

Why: John Locke. However, I’m not sure I’ve ever liked anything that smelled of horror. Also, they used the word “seductive” too many times in the preview, which is almost as much as a turnoff as calling something “sexy.” Premieres Sept 30th at 10/9c (right after Revenge returns).


What:Electricity stops working (power lines, batteries, everything). 15 years later, one of the only people who might know why it happened is killed, and his daughter has to save her brother.

Why: Unlike the other shows here, this one has already premiered, so I have something to go off of. While the pilot didn’t focus on the characters as much as I’d hoped, not every pilot can be Mad Men. Everyone is certainly believable, and pretty much everything plot-wise which I thought could be a flaw could also be explained later on. With J.J. Abrams involved, I’m in no rush to assume we’ll figure out what’s going on for at least two seasons. Also, please forgive certain science gaffs like planes falling straight downward and all the guns being muskets. Watch the pilot here and the second episode here.

Last Resort

What: The crew of a nuclear submarine is given orders through abnormal channels to strike Pakistan. When they refuse, they’re attacked by another sub. They take refuge on an island and from there must defend themselves while trying to clear their names.

Why: OMGOMGOMG I am so excited about this one. You can watch the pilot online before it premieres on TV, but I am refusing. There’s nothing like watching the pilot live (also, it’s in glorious HD on TV, so online video on my Internet connection isn’t even comparable). I’ve also come to feel that ABC delivers great TV like no one else. Lost and FlashForward were great, but more recently, shows like Revenge and Once Upon a Time show that it’s a network dedicated to some good television. Premieres Thursday, Sept 27th at 8/7c.


What: Dennis Quaid stars as an old-timey reluctant sherriff in old-timey 1960’s Las Vegas. He faces off with a mobster for the future of the town.

Why: What? A show by CBS I’m looking forward to?! This is news. I have seriously not liked a single show this sorry excuse for a network has made since they cancelled Jericho (twice). I even gave them a chance with Unforgettable last season, and they cancelled that one, too! In any case, this one looks like a period piece with some spunk, and Dennis Quaid looks like the man to carry the show. Also, it has the dad from Terra Nova, may it rest in peace. Premieres Tuesday, Sept 25 (tonight) at 10/9c.


What: Just when you thought the world had been Sherlock’d to death already, CBS is going to throw its name into the bowl and try a modern rendition. This time, Watson is a girl, which neither Wired Magazine nor I think is a bad idea as long as they don’t end up in a relationship (the writers have already said they won’t, so breathe easy). It’s set in Manhattan, but Holmes is still British.

Why: Wait, another CBS show that actually looks promising? What is happening to my worldview? It’s as if my preconceptions about corporations based on very incomplete data are not entirely accurate! Premieres Thursday, September 27th at 10/9c.

Not at the top of my list, but might be your thing…

The Neighbors

A 1/2-hour comedy about a family who finds out their neighbors are aliens. Seems legit. Premieres Wednesday, September 26th (tomorrow) at 9:30/8:30c.

Made in Jersey

A girl from New Jersey becomes a detective. As much as I yawn at seeing another show about police work set in New York, the actors/acting seems pretty great from the preview, so I figure it can’t hurt to watch the pilot. Premieres Friday, Sept 28th at 9/8c.

The Mob Doctor

A doctor is indebted to the mob. Premiered last week, so you can see the first two episodes at the link above. Mondays at 9/8c.

Ben and Kate

A loving, but irresponsible brother moves in with his sister. Premieres Tuesday, September 25th (tonight) at 8:30/7:30c.

And in case you were watching last season…

Revenge – Best new show of last season, in my opinion. Super intense and sucks you in from the first episode. Returns Sunday, September 30th at 9/8c.

Once Upon a Time – All the fairy tale characters enriched by being brought to our world. This season looks to change things around a little bit. Returns Sunday, September 30th at 8/7c.

Grimm – Two guys investigate supernatural stuff, but it’s completely different than that one show. Returns Friday, September 28th at 9/8c.


Sorry for the dearth of writing all of a sudden, everyone. I didn’t have any major life changes or anything. It was mostly just a creative slump where I neither made any new videos nor wrote anything.

But much longer than the time it’s been since I’ve written anything is the time it’s been since I’ve written about biking. After all, urban biking is one of my passions, so why don’t I write about it more? Some people write about biking and traffic several times a week, and it’s interesting every time!

I started wondering why that was, and I’ve come to an interesting conclusion: the biking life isn’t weird to me anymore.

Why write about something if it isn’t news? If it isn’t interesting? There’s little danger or adventure when I bike the five miles or so to work. Writing about it would be about the same as writing about driving to work, school, the grocery store, etc.

Then, I realized why THAT is: I bike the way people are supposed to bike, both legally and logically. I stop at stop signs/lights, ride a safe distance from the curb, signal (with my arms) when I’m turning, put lights on my bike when I ride at night, and control a lane just like a car driver would. When I do these things, I get zero surprises. People treat me like a vehicle, and I never get so much as a honk.

So what is there to write about? If it’s the same story every day I go to work, the video store, the eye doctor, or the dozens of other places I bike. My lack of writing about it is a statement in itself: biking is safe and predictable when you do it correctly.

Though if someone ever pepper-sprays me again, I’ll let ya’ll know!