Sorry for the dearth of writing all of a sudden, everyone. I didn’t have any major life changes or anything. It was mostly just a creative slump where I neither made any new videos nor wrote anything.

But much longer than the time it’s been since I’ve written anything is the time it’s been since I’ve written about biking. After all, urban biking is one of my passions, so why don’t I write about it more? Some people write about biking and traffic several times a week, and it’s interesting every time!

I started wondering why that was, and I’ve come to an interesting conclusion: the biking life isn’t weird to me anymore.

Why write about something if it isn’t news? If it isn’t interesting? There’s little danger or adventure when I bike the five miles or so to work. Writing about it would be about the same as writing about driving to work, school, the grocery store, etc.

Then, I realized why THAT is: I bike the way people are supposed to bike, both legally and logically. I stop at stop signs/lights, ride a safe distance from the curb, signal (with my arms) when I’m turning, put lights on my bike when I ride at night, and control a lane just like a car driver would. When I do these things, I get zero surprises. People treat me like a vehicle, and I never get so much as a honk.

So what is there to write about? If it’s the same story every day I go to work, the video store, the eye doctor, or the dozens of other places I bike. My lack of writing about it is a statement in itself: biking is safe and predictable when you do it correctly.

Though if someone ever pepper-sprays me again, I’ll let ya’ll know!