Time for another wave of new shows. However, this year I’m splitting it into two posts: one for ABC and NBC, the other for CBS, FOX, and CW. The main reason is that the first two are bringing a metric butt-ton of new shows to the table, both in the fall and the coming spring (the spring ones won’t be covered in these posts, but will get a post or two of their own this winter. Some already have previews on their respective networks’ sites, if you want to catch them there). I picked out the ones I think might be interesting and summarize them below.

So grab your popcorn! Actually, wait, ’cause it’ll be another month or so before the first of them start. Popcorn has a shelf life of about an hour and a half.


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

What: Picking up shortly after The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s job has just gotten more complicated due to their business being less covert, what with the whole “people with superpowers” business being on the public’s mind all of a sudden. Agent Phil Coulson mysteriously reappears, and it looks to be more complicated than a retcon, as Marvel plans to incorporate the show into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (meaning upcoming movies will influence the story, and vice versa).

Will I watch it? They showed the whole first episode at Comic Con and everybody loved it, but let’s face it: that’s beside the point. I’ve pretty much had it on my calendar since it was announced, so expect me on my sofa on September 24th (8/7c).

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

What: A spinoff to Once Upon a Time about Alice, a girl who took a trip to Wonderland and fell in love with a genie, but when she came back and wouldn’t stop talking about it, was committed to a mental institution. The institution tells her they can give her a lobotomy to help her forget what they believe is a delusion.

Will I watch it? An avid fan of the “parent” series, Once Upon a Time (not to mention its spiritual ancestor, Lost), it’d have to be very different and very bad to convince me not to stick around for a few episodes, and likely a whole season. It looks good and has good people behind it, and with only small ties to the main Once Upon a Time storyline (they’ve only gone to Wonderland in two episodes so far, and not likely to return since only one of the three characters that spent much time there isn’t dead), it has plenty of room to grow into its own thing. The trailer depicts it as a very different type of storytelling, as well. Premieres October 10th (8/7c).

The Goldbergs

What: The 80s as told through a fairly-typical family. The youngest son films it on a VHS tape camera.

Will I watch it? I only barely missed the ’80s, so a lot of the things they do, chiefly filming with a VHS tape camera, resonates with me somehow. It looks to be a show that, while a comedy, broaches some fairly serious subjects, like the grandpa who is getting senile but not terribly happy about it. I’ll catch the pilot and see how much nostalgia I have to fight to stop. Premieres September 24th (9/8c).

Back in the Game

What: A recently-divorced Mom decides to make a baseball team for all the loser kids that didn’t make the real team.

Will I watch it? Eh, I might catch the pilot. Looks funny enough to give it a try. Premieres September 25th (8:30/7:30c).


The Blacklist

What: A very wanted criminal walks into a police department claiming to have a list of names of the most-wanted criminals still at large that he’s cultivated over 20 years. Always one step ahead of his “captors,” he plays mind games with them, while allowing them to capture some, though each time getting something in return.

Will I watch it? Yes. It’s one of those high-concept-but-sort-of-not-really shows like Prison Break (okay, not as high concept as Prison Break, but hey, it went for 4 seasons) that I fall for from the get-go. I’m not sure how I’ll feel about the female lead, but even a single episode is usually too early to judge those things. Hopefully she proves interesting, or it might turn out like another NBC series I stopped watching due to a shallow main character. Premieres September 23 (9/8c).


What: King Henry from the Tudors (or the baby daddy from August Rush, if that’s how you recognize him) shows up in Victorian England posing as an American entrepreneur, but is actually bent on revenge for those who turned him immortal over a century before.

Will I watch it? Probably won’t be my thing, but it’s certainly going to be someone’s thing. Probably the least traditional rendition of Dracula I’ve seen, which is good. Jonathan Rhys Meyers has proven he can carry a lead roll as an unlikeable character. Premieres October 25 (10/9c).


What: The toughest cop in New York… is in a wheelchair. It gives him “a different perspective” on things.

Will I watch it? Oh, you know me and cop shows. Actually, you probably don’t, because I never talk about them. Well, that’s because I pretty much stay away. CSI, detective shows, cop dramas; not my thing. Fringe was kind of an exception, but that was a CSI show like The X-Files was a buddy cop drama. Premieres October 2 (10/9c).

The Michael J. Fox Show

What: But wait, didn’t he come down with Parkinson’s? Yep, and it’s stage front in his self-titled show, where he plays a character named Michael Henry. In the show, his character starts back at his old job as a news anchor, living with and overcoming Parkinson’s in both his professional and personal lives.

Will I watch it? Well… you know, I’m not sure. There’s no skirting of the obvious: the show embraces his Parkinson’s without shame, and that’s kind of cool. And look, there’s Marie from Breaking Bad. It could easily be a show I catch now and then without a problem. Premieres September 26 at 9/8c with a 1-hour episode, but normally will be a half-hour show at 9:30/8:30c.

Hope you find something you like! If not, stay tuned for a writeup of the offerings from CBS, FOX, and CW.