I’m a 3D modeling hobbyist, and I just uploaded my entry for a contest to make a model in Blender depicting what really happened during a famous historical event (contest rules). Blender Guro, A.K.A. Andrew Price, hosted the competition. If you want to get into 3D modeling with Blender, he has a bajillion great tutorials.

Before you see my entry, I just want to make sure you’re aware of the enigma UVB-76, also known as “The Buzzer.” There is a short Wikipedia article about it, and there’s a Wired article about it which is longer, but a more interesting read (this article is how I actually heard about it in the first place). TL;DR, it’s a radio station in Russia which transmits a series of buzzing sounds and no one knows why. Its ownership is a mystery, and the eerie buzzing, which has been going since the 1980s, has never been deciphered.

With that in mind, here is a link to my entry (if the link doesn’t take you to my exact entry, my username is Real Food Man). In case you don’t get the joke, it was inspired by TwitchPlaysPokemon (which also has its own Wikipedia article).

Twitch Plays The Buzzer

There were quite a few excellent entries in the contest. If, by some fluke, I end up an honorable mention, I’ll post about it. Regardless, I’ll update this post when the winners are announced.

A buffalo does the Titanic in.

“Weather balloons”

Chariots of Fire

How the pyramids were built.

Stonehenge’s origin, which can only remind me of Beast Wars

Why Atlantis is at the bottom of the ocean

Loch Ness “monster” (edit: This one won)

The sword in the… oh

Stone Minions

An idea somewhat similar to mine

It’s actually been the contest with the fewest entries that I’ve ever seen, but I think the results were pretty great overall. Fingers crossed for an honorable mention!

Edit 5/28/14—The results are in, and, as expected, mine didn’t pull an honorable mention. It was definitely fun to do the competition, though, so it won’t be the last one I enter.