I lay in my bed the other night thinking about myself as a creative. I’d mostly been revisiting thoughts I’ve had over the past several months, particularly in reference to a semester where creative endeavors were constantly shunted aside. “How can I start any video projects when I’m bogged down with more assignments than I can handle?” “I’m barely making enough money to get by now. Shouldn’t I spend my time looking for a full-time job?” “I’m married… can I go out and do daring and crazy things if I have to devote time to my marriage?”

I’m under the impression that most people deal with this, and I don’t think my struggle stands out from anyone else. In fact, the thing that made me snap out of my doldrums on this particular night wasn’t a thought of anything creative at all, but perhaps the most mundane thing possible: cleaning the living room.

This living room has had it rough. The carpet was still wet from being shampooed when we started to move boxes, furniture, and everything else Ari had in her old apartment into it. After several hours and at least five trips using three different cars, we had all her things in, including our cat. The next morning, we left town for a Christmas vacation with her family, followed by a wedding. We returned two weeks later, married, and her giant SUV packed solid with MORE stuff. After about a week, we’d organized and put away enough thing in that living room to bring all of MY stuff over which had been sitting in a room above my brother’s garage for the previous three weeks. The living room was now as full as it could be and still have [some] space to walk through.

This mess of a living room was a constant reminder every time we walked through the door that we needed to organize more, get things in order, and make this place a home, dag nabbit. We hadn’t had anyone over, but we still had daily episodes of, “Oh, I need my sunscreen. What box is the sunscreen in? It’s white? Here, let me try to vault over this ridge to get to it…” Clearly, it needed to be done.

So I did. One day, while we were both reading, I simply walked into the living room and cleaned. I didn’t clean all of it. It was probably only 30% of total floor space in the room.

It was enough.

I lay in bed that night attacked by all those thoughts of things that might keep me from getting things done. More than that, I was plagued by what I’d already failed to do. I hadn’t written a blog post in… how long? I had two or three draft posts sitting there, unfinished. I had planned a short, but audacious short film and then decided against it a few days before due to lack of planning. I’d wanted to start vlogging, but had yet to produce a single one.

But that living room… that had been hard to start, too. In the end, there wasn’t any trick to make it happen. I just had to do it. And in that moment, I realized that I just needed to do a blog pots. A vlog. A video. Leave the heavily-planned short films for later when I have the details under my thumb. Leave launching my own blog at a non-wordpress.com web address for later when I already had a good thing going here at the free one. And vlogging? Well, that one doesn’t need to wait.

So now, here I am, blogging again and simultaneously working on a video (not a vlog or a short film, but it does involve a cat and a remote-controlled helicopter. Subscribe to my channel to be notified when it’s up). I don’t really have any idea how my future as a professional creative is going to work out, but I know that for now, I can do what I’ve been wanting to do without worrying about it not working out. ‘Cause hey, if I can get that living room clean, I can do anything.