This blog is written by me, Anthony Carter. I’m an aspiring filmmaker currently based in Springfield, MO. I’m a student at Missouri State University majoring in Digital Film Production with minors in Technical Writing and Computer Science. I plan on pursuing a career as a Technical Writer and making movies/web series on the side until I can support myself financially with just filmmaking.

But that’s not all! While film-making is my career goal, my blog is mostly about my numerous side-interests. In no particular order, any given post will likely involve:

  • computer enthusiast
  • commuter/utility bicyclist
  • grammar elitist
  • techno musician wannabe
  • 20-something male cook
  • Linux user
  • fan of saturated fats
  • evangelical Christian
  • random participant in athletic challenges (5k’s, triathlons, 1k swims, etc)
  • musician, specifically a trumpet player in marching band
  • amateur photographer

or anything else that comes up.