I have a new computer! It’s something I’ve been dreaming of for… well, about 6 years, now. Getting my (used and refurbished) laptop in 2010 was a temporary stopgap that at least allowed me to edit videos at home, but it wasn’t a powerful machine at the time, even for a laptop.

So this, The Box that I have planned for many years, creating wishlist after wishlist on Newegg to make sure I got exactly the machine I needed, finally became a reality. I had a few parts on hand: an SSD I’d received as a present a few months ago; a 300GB hard drive (they make those?) from a dead computer someone gave me; and a DVD drive (which I’ve only used once since I finished the build a month ago. Even the operating system was installed from a flash drive).

Somehow, one order was split into two orders (charged separately), each of which was subdivided again into two shipments, making a total of 4 shipments coming to my home. The first two, the case and the monitor, arrived on Monday.

Computer Boxes

Which Frequency pretended to crap on. Out of respect.

The next day, the box with almost everything else came in. Of course, the motherboard was not one of those things, so I was at a standstill. It gave me plenty of time to salivate, though.

The processor came in a cool metal tin, rather than a plain ol’ box. Very luxe.


As for me and my house, we will AMD.

There's a window in the tin so you can see the actual processor.

There’s a window in the tin so you can see the actual processor.

You don’t just get an octo-core processor running at 4GHz and use the stock fan, of course. No, you get a great behemoth of an aftermarket fan/heatsink and lock your processor to your motherboard with it. Like this.

Zalman CNPS9500A

Were it any larger, it’d need its own IP address. Or zip code.

I shun obscenities like 1,000W power supplies and go for more reasonable amounts that are only double my likely power draw.


But in the computer parts world, even mediocre is EXTREME.

I put in a hefty 16GB of RAM, which even with my most intense After Effects projects never exceeds 10GB of total system usage. I didn’t go for the fancy kind with red heatsinks or anything, but disappoint they do not.


Always two there are. No more. No less.

I also ordered a mouse, a 10ft ethernet cable (only $1.49!), a copy of Windows 8, and a memory card reader that didn’t end up being compatible with my motherboard (I gave it to someone else).

The next day, the final package with the graphics card and motherboard arrived.

At long last!

At long last!


GeForce GT 640

I’m not a huge gamer, so I settled for something with more transistors than all the computers ever used to put a man on the moon.


In the PC-building world, if it doesn’t have overclocking mentioned on the box, it’s almost an insult.

With everything out of the box(es), it was time to build. In the next post, I’ll get into the assembling, building, booting, thermal pasting, and all that jazz.

Empty box

It glowed for a few hours like a concrete cube formerly containing plutonium rods for a nuclear reactor.